India's COVID-19 Cases updates

India’s COVID-19 Cases updates

According to data released on Tuesday by the Union health ministry, India has seen 602 new instances of COVID-19, while the total number of active cases has dropped to 4,440. The ministry’s data also showed that in a 24-hour period, 5 further fatalities were reported. Before December 5, the number of daily cases had fallen to double digits, due to the introduction of a new variation and the current cold weather, the number of cases has since increased. According to data released on Wednesday by the Union Health Ministry, the number of Covid deaths in India to far is 5,33,371.

India's COVID-19 Cases updates

One of the state’s documented Covid-19 deaths in December has been linked to the JN.1 strain. But because the patient had reduced immune function and had spent three months in the hospital, the task committee decided to look into whether the death was directly related to a coronavirus. Along with a list of recommendations on testing, isolation, and vaccination that were sent in to the state’s public health agency on Tuesday, this finding was one of the main topics covered by the task force.

According to Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj, there was no need for concern as the 19 instances that have been detected recently are only minor diseases. As per Bharadwaj, the situation in Delhi is still under control and there hasn’t been a significant increase in instances.According to the information that Delhi and the surrounding states have provided thus far about the illness, the instances appear to be minor.There are those who have a slight fever and those who have a minor cold and cough. People are getting better from the illness quite quickly. Right now, there’s nothing to be concerned about,” he stated.

India's COVID-19 Cases updates

District hospitals will begin offering the Covid vaccination on Wednesday. This facility is available to persons over 60 with comorbidities and those who have not yet taken the precautionary dose. The Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) chairman in Karnataka, Dr. K Ravi, stated that vaccination is recommended for individuals who have not taken the preventive dose.




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