The health minister of Singapore reports that during the first week of December, there were more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19.

Due to covid cases surge in Singapore, Hospitals have added more staff as a preventative measure. The use of face masks is now required. Advisory has been released that people with severe respiratory symptoms remain at home. There is now another Covid containment facility in place. The government is working to vaccinate people and to inform the public of every development.

Travellers are advised to take the necessary safety measures, like buying travel insurance, using masks at airports, and staying away from congested locations with inadequate ventilation.

The bulk of new cases, according to the ministry, are caused by the JN.1 variation, which is a sublineage of BA.2.86. It did state, however, that there was currently no conclusive evidence that either JN.1 or BA.2.86 were more contagious or caused more severe illness than other circulating variations, based on the available local and worldwide data.



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