Grindavik volcano
Emergency Issued As Icelandic Volcano Erupts

As the volcanic explosion continues, the government has declared an emergency.

On Monday night, a volcano erupted on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, following weeks of tremors around the southwest coast that numbered in the thousands. At 10:17 p.m. on December 18, the eruption started around 4 kilometers northeast of  Magma, or semi-molten rock, was spotted erupting along a hill’s ridgeline as the eruption spread.

With the ongoing volcanic eruption in southwest Iceland, more vents are anticipated to open.After the volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula started to erupt on Monday night, shooting smoke and lava over 100 meters into the air, three of the five vents are still active.

In their most recent statement, they stated that “the highest activity in the eruption has remained around the middle of the fissure that opened on December 18” throughout the previous 24 hours.

In November 2023, officials evacuated approximately 4,000 inhabitants in preparation for the eruption at Grindavík. To protect the public, the Icelandic Meteorological Office works with other organizations and keeps a careful eye on the current eruption.Since the eruption started, there haven’t been many variations in deformation, and seismic activity has been rather constant.AS per the officials, Starting tomorrow, the people who live in Grindavík will be permitted to return during the day. On Thursday, people will be permitted back into the town starting at 7 a.m., but they must leave again by 4 p.m.Authorities keep a close eye on the seismic activity and will provide advice on safety as appropriate. It is the responsibility of visitors to adhere to any guidelines and stay informed via authorized channels.



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