Hollywood Is Being Urged

Hollywood is being urged in a petition to take Donald Trump’s star off the Walk of Fame.For the last three years, a resident of Hollywood has organized thousands of supporters to sign his petition in an effort to have former President Donald Trump’s red and gold star removed from the Walk of Fame, one of the most contentious awards.

In just three years, Andrew Rudick, the petition’s initiator from 2020, has gathered over 4,200 signatures. Rudick recently told KTLA on Nexstar that he has approached a number of local organizations in the hopes that they will permanently take down Trump’s star.

Supporters of Trump think the former president is being shunned and that other famous people ought to lose their celebrity status.

No star has ever been permanently removed from the Walk of Fame, despite the fact that Trump’s star, which he earned in 2007, has been destroyed and replaced multiple times.
On Wednesday afternoon, numerous people were spotted taking pictures beside the 45th president’s star, notwithstanding any controversies that may surround him. On the question of whether it ought to be eliminated permanently, opinions differed.

According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, they lack the power to take away a person’s celebrity. As of Thursday night, the former president’s team has not commented to KCAL News.

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